About Us


 To improve the health care and well being in Tanzania.


Promoting Health care at the front line among underserved Tanzanian communities through breaking social-economic gaps in accessing Healthcare services.


“Our health is our true wealth”


 Tanzania mainland.


Tanzania health and Medical Education Foundation (TAHMEF) is a registered Non-Governmental Organization under Non-Governmental Organization Act, 2002 with Registration number 00NGO/08187 and aim to improve health care and wellbeing to Tanzanians of all ages and was launched on the 8th of July 2016 in the presence of the Deputy Minister of Health, community development, gender, Children and elderly Dr. Hamisi Kigwangalla under the founder Dr.Juliana  Busasi who is a Medical Doctor and Public Health Activist.


“My passion is driven by the desire to empower Tanzanians by investing in good Health since a country with good Health has the potential to achieve development. Good Health is the

Foundation to Defeat Poverty and I do not want to be a Doctor who ignores flaws in the

Health Sector”